Local Beach featured in Stunning Singapore Airlines Ad

Tunnel Beach is only a 2 minute drive from Blackhead Cottage. | 4/17/2018

Local beach Tunnel Beach is being recognised internationally after being featured in the latest Singapore Airlines advertisement. Tunnel Beach is one of Dunedin's most stunning beaches and we're blessed to be located just next door - a two minute drive from the Cottage. The beach itself is nestled between the sandstone headland and rugged cliffs, and is only accessible through a tunnel carved through sheer rock. The walk down to the cove might be even more stunning than the beach itself. You can see down our honey-coloured coastline, out across the sparkling surf (brilliant on a sunny day!) and down to Blackhead Cottage's cliffs, behind our bed and breakfast. It's no wonder Singapore Airlines chose to feature this gem of a location in their ad!

Watch the advertisement here ~

Tunnel Beach is a truly unmissable part of your stay at Blackhead Cottage and will be a highlight of your trip. Especially breath-taking during sunset and sunrise.